Day 3 – Olive This Place!

Specifically this guy– he love loves this place. I mean, yeah, James likes it all right. And the guy with the Mark Davis-meets-Jon Gruden-haircut also seemed to like it (happy anniversary to you guys, by the way!). But I’m really talking about Old Gramps there on the wall– it’s hard to see but his hair is actually even better than the other guys in this picture. And you can tell that as a retired mafioso, he’s really enjoying himself.

Anyway, here’s what you really came here for:

Dish 1: whole wheat linguini

Five-cheese marinara on the side (I only counted four cheeses in it so will be seeking a partial refund)

Crispy shrimpies

Dish 2: linguini

No sauce

Garden vegetables (like where else do vegetables come from? Test tubes?)

Breadstick count: 2 (the golden mean)

Weight: 166

Mood: gracious

2 comments on “Day 3 – Olive This Place!

  1. Cheryl says:

    Very good steve-o!
    These olive garden stories have gotten me craving to go there. I’m going tomorrow and going to enjoy those bread sticks!

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