Day 1: The Olive Garden Experiment

It happened. We ate at the place with the Americans making the Italian food.

Somehow I will lose weight on this diet of eating there multiple times a week. What is the science behind this? I am no scientist, nor do I claim to be. I think there’s something there about reducing calories. Which basically means I have to only eat Olive Garden and then like celery and stuff.

We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, review and ratings for Day 1:

I ate salad instead of soup. No real soup interest today. Maybe when it cools off. No croutons, cheese, or dressing, as I was sharing with my wife and she is perfect etc.

My first entree was:


Artichoke sauce (fancy)

Fried shrimp (nice and fried)

Second, unfinished, was

Corkscrews (Italian word)

Mushroom sauce (not mushroom left at this point)

Fried chicken (yes, I’m six)

Breadstick count: 4

Weight: 166

All was delightful.

No way am I losing weight on this diet! It’s gonna be a great year!

4 comments on “Day 1: The Olive Garden Experiment

  1. Chrispi says:

    I’m far from perfect as I ate 3 breadsticks!

  2. aeviar says:

    Can you do a cost breakdown as you go too? Also, was the service adequate and if so what % did you tip?

    • Stephen says:

      Yeah, I’ll add up costs as we get along further. The bill came to $30 before the cards canceled it, so we tipped $5. That’s likely to be our going tip rate. Service was solid–the guy remembered Chrissi and James from last year, lol.

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