Day 40: Flat

I feel flat. Like this picture:

It’s been interesting seeing the before and after art at the Olive Garden that’s being remodeled here in town.

The thing about it is that the art still feels really flat, two-dimensional.

Like it’s literally flat, but it barely even pulls off the illusion of three dimensions. It hardly even tries. The buildings are all mashed together and that ruins the frame of reference, and sort of squishes the foreground and background into one level. The people might as well be cardboard.

In art class we learned that the reason you’re supposed to paint the real pumpkin sitting in the middle of the classroom instead of painting it from a photo is because photos and images flatten things. They don’t want to , but they do. The lens of the human eye, in contrast, keeps some of the roundness. So if you paint from real life, you’ve got a little more hope of representing reality.

But I feel flat because suddenly my job ends at the end of summer and that’s the end of so many things.

Item 1: linguine, meat sauce, breaded shrimp

Breadsticks: 2

Weight: 167

Expiration: Soon