Day Eleven: Olive Garden Secret Menu

Welcome to food hacks with Steve.

Maybe you’re at Olive Garden just chilling and taking in the atmosphere and enjoying some good company. Maybe after a complimentary wine sample you glance at the menu and decide you don’t really have the dough for breadsticks.

First of all, if you didn’t know you were broke before you walked into the restaurant, why do you suddenly start to care now? You sound more like the kind of person who is going to try to slip out the bathroom window as soon as the bill appears.

Well, joke’s on you, because there aren’t any bathroom windows. Place is too classy for that.

Anyway, so you’re feeling your belt tighten and you’re still looking for ways to loosen it. So tap into the secret menu.


Secret Menu Item: A Posteriori Chicken Salad

You haven’t got money for a chicken salad but you want one, you’re tired of that basic green salad crap. Well, you’re in luck, friend. Try this instead and be your own hero:

1. Order unlimited pasta bowl (cost is free because you already bought the card last month)

2. Choose whatever sauce and noodle you want: the only thing important here is asking for sauce and topping on the side.

3. Make chicken your topping.

4. Order the salad instead of the soup.

5. When food is brought out say thanks and make sure the server disappears so she doesn’t catch you doing step six.

6. Put chicken side on top of salad.

7. Eat free unlimited chicken salad (ask more more salad and more orders of the same pasta combination until shame or the Grim Reaper catches you).

Don’t tell anyone who told you.

1: linguini, artichoke Alfredo, grilled chicken

2: linguini, grilled chicken

Breadsticks: 2

Weight: 164

Style: sneaky