Uh oh…

Sometimes they come back! After seven years, my first (chronological) novel, Dreamsick, is finally seeing the light of day!

It’s tough to leave your dreams behind, but it’s impossible to escape everyone else’s.

Small towns aren’t small because you’re packed in tight along with the whole world. Think about the big cities where you’ll bump into bodies all the time, but they’ll be kind enough to leave your head alone. In claustrophobic country towns like Smithton, Idaho, you may not see any souls for days—but you’ll never get them out of your mind.

Jonas dreams of a world that wants to hear his stories; Claire dreams about sloughing off the weight of a lifetime of expectations; Foster dreams about mastering the mind’s eye. And Mary—well, Mary dreams about a particular tree on a particular hillside that might have grown in the wrong direction.

Read it now on Amazon–free with Kindle Unlimited, or $2.99 because that’s the cheapest I can charge for it.

Thanks for reading!