Day 12

Dozen days of pasta passes.

You ever wonder if everybody else got the memo and left before everything went south?

Like you’re the only one left in the restaurant and you’re just imagining somebody filling your plate. Maybe there wasn’t any pasta pass at all, or anyone to go with, or anyone to serve it. Maybe I found the bowl and some old noodles in the back of the house and took a picture of it in an empty restaurant to make it seem like anyone might come around the corner at any time and ruin the photo. Like I had to take it as quickly as I could so nobody could ruin the shot.

If my glasses break at the end of the world and I’m the only guy left in the world a la that one Twilight Zone episode it’s fine I’m just going to sleep a lot and enjoy the silence.

1. Linguini + meat sauce + meatball

2. Linguini + chicken

Bread: 2

Weight: 164?

Music: Depeche Mode, “Enjoy the Silence”