Day 7

God rested on day seven and we did not. We worked and went to Olive Garden.

Notice anything different about this cutlery wrap? It’s still fat free, yes, but it’s also a white paper napkin instead of the yellow cloths I’ve grown so fond of. I guess if you get to the restaurant at 4:15 you’re lucky to get a fork. It’s that dark teatime of the soul, stuck in limbo between reasonable lunch and barely dinner. The devil’s luncheon, some call it (I don’t). The old folks’ supper.

There was an alarm at one point that rang shrilly for about two minutes. Either somebody invisible was smoking or somebody invisible dined and dashed out the emergency exit. I have no clue which it was.

Also it was Daniel’s first day ever and he did great. I think that college girl was hitting on him.

Entree 1: linguini

Meat sauce

Shrimp (this ain’t kosher)

Number dos: linguini

Meat sauce

Meatballs (they give you two even on the little bowl; felt excessive)

Number 3 (I skipped lunch, geez)


Meat sauce

Meatball (this was supposed to be veggies with marinara but it was a weird night and things happened.)

Breadsticks: 1

Weight: ?

Love: for all mankind