Day 18 – Salad Days

I had salad and Chrissi had soup. Which meant I was free to debauch the salad with all manner of dressings and croutons because she was having none of it.

Reader–I asked for ranch dressing.

And somehow I ended up with Italian dressing on the salad and ranch on the side.

Perhaps it was a message from the chef. The customer was right in the sense that I could ask for ranch and the kitchen would provide it. But they still didn’t have to let me eat it.

However, what was more interesting was that the waitress didn’t notice. Maybe this was normally how they serve salad when some yahoo asks for ranch. They’ll still dress it in Italian clothes and dare you to spill ranch all over it anyway. Regardless, she didn’t mention it throughout our entire dinner. I left the ranch bowl uneaten, but no response.

I didn’t ask about it and even if she’d said something I would have said, “no worries,” and just blogged about it. But here I am blogging anyway and wondering what gives.

Who among you orders two kinds of dressings, to be piled one atop the other?

What kind of world is this?

1: linguini, artichoke (it’s leaving soon so I must), crispy shrimpies

2: linguini, meat sauce, meatballs

Breadsticks: 2

Weight: 163

Wait staff: ?