Day 20: “I can’t believe it’s not Day 21!”

Seriously, I had to check multiple times. It seems we’ve only gone twenty times in two months, which means I really only went to the OG like six times in November. That is disgraceful and I’m sorry for letting you all down.

This was the first time we’ve gone since the 8 public weeks of “never-ending pasta” had passed. You would think that would help clear out the locals. It didn’t.

We had quite a wait last night as people apparently still pay to eat at this restaurant. So, not sure what I had left to photograph, I took a shot of the bathrooms while we waited in the lobby for a table.

Of course, somebody was coming out right when I took it.

At least the man’s face is obscured. I know it was a man because he was leaving the door marked “Men,” and that really simplified things for me.

Women can’t go in that side because of the sign.

I guess there’s also the floor tiles. We could talk about those.

Or perspective lines in the tiles. It’s how the photograph pretends to show a 3-dimensional world when in fact it’s really only a flat earth. Leonardo da Vinci was interested in those perspective lines. There are da Vinci-esque reliefs near the bathrooms, although I neglected to take photos of them during the two times I took James to the bathroom during dinner. There’s Venus on the women’s side, and Apollo on the men’s, as far as I can tell. That’s a lot of pressure–trying to look at yourself in the mirror after seeing them is a lot of stress. Nobody wants to see that. Anticlimactic.

Da Vinci was Italian. Maybe he liked the Olive Garden.

I went home and took what James would call “my big dump.”

Item 1: linguini (whole wheat, friends), meat sauce, breaded chicken

Item 2: linguini, meat sauce, breaded chicken

Breadsticks: 3 (yikes)

Weight: after Thanksgiving doesn’t count

Weight: I don’t want to know

Weight: I’ll check next week just back off