Day 23: Wait, what

Where is this place?

Oh, yeah, OG has franchises all over the place.

Still it felt weird and like cheating to meet our pasta in another town, served by people who’d never run us off the property.

Service was adequate.

I had to ask twice in order to get enough to-go containers. It’s like, if somebody’s asking, just bring a few because at worst you can collect the unused ones. Don’t make it into two trips.

Time is what really counts. And they don’t have any more of that around here than they do back home.

Menu is the same, too.

Am I sick of this experience yet?

Getting there.

Some different art here: it’s like instead of being in house aunt’s Rome-obsessed kitchen you’re now in some college kid’s first dorm room, complete with canvas prints of paintings just colorful and abstract enough to be utterly banal.

Plus they didn’t even offer us a booth. The greatest sin of all.

Hey, at least I don’t write yelp reviews. I could always be worse.

Merry Christmas to all within Olive Garden and all those without! God bless you all, Italians and gentiles.

1: linguini, meatball, mushroom Alfredo (you can kind of pretend that it’s all Swedish meatballs at that point and pretend like you’re eating at IKEA with a cold or something.)

Breadsticks: 1.75

Weight: enough

Olive Gardens visited: 2