Day 2: Olive Gardening

The yellow of the restaurant interior struck me this time around. The lamps are all yellow so the light cast of the whole restaurant is this sunny warm firelight business. I didn’t mind, as it went with the noodles. And the yellow made me think of Coldplay and how sick I felt after my breadstick orgy yesterday.

Didn’t plan on going back today. Was sick last night. Up for three hours in the night. Slept maybe four. Felt like trash all day.

A smart man says: eat something else. So today, I almost did something smart, and ate something else.

Dish 1:

Whole wheat linguini

Mushroom Alfredo on the side (much better for the old tum tum when you can just dish up a little bit instead of having to swim through the cream current)

No meat, veggie topping- nice mix of zucchini and red pepper and broccoli and carrots and peas and tomato maybe?

Ate lots of plain salad.

It was all actually very nice and refreshing.

Second dish (almost exclusively to go):

More linguini

No sauce

Plain grilled chicken

Breadstick count: 0

Weight: impending mortality

Mood: less sick, somehow